Help wanted

Techhub is run by volunteers.

Managing an instance like Techhub requires a lot of time. If you want to help us and make our lives easier, we need:
- Moderators, to help with reports. Right now we are focusing on diversity for this particular position
- Webmaster, to manage the Hub site (add more sections, maybe a blog, keep it updated)
- Graphic artists, to design a mascot and a logo for Techhub
- Others, if you think you have some skills that can help Techhub, please let us know
Note: All of these positions are volunteer (not remunerated). We might consider paying a lump sum for the mascot/logo.

You can apply using this form.

Any feedback and/or questions are welcomed at [email protected].

Support us

Techhub runs on donations and is not for profit.

Sorry donation are disabled for now, I will re-activate them when needed. So look back maybe next month.
The goal here is to pay for the instance costs and nothing more, right now if you look at the finance we are getting more donations than we have costs.


Dated: 2023-03-31

Monthly costs

Provider Description Price (CAD)
OVH 4 Servers 366.01
OVH Object storage (Growing each month) 116.68
Cloudflare CDN, geocaching, Web firewall, etc 35.40
AWS SES outgoing email (Estimated) 5.00 Translation 25.61
Total In USD 548.70

Annual costs

Provider Description Price (CAD)
Namecheap 32.16
Total In USD 32.16

One-time costs

Date Provider Description Price (CAD)
22-11-09 OVH Server setup 43.76
22-11-11 Sendinblue Extra outgoing email quota** 27.04
22-11-18 OVH Server setup 56.26
22-11-20 OVH Server setup 183.95
22-12-31 OVH Server setup 82.29
Total In USD 393.30
** Prior to using SES, we used Sendinblue but it was costly so we switched


Dated: 2023-03-31


Provider Description Gross Amount (CAD) Net Amount (CAD)
Paypal One-time donations (from 113 donors) 3754.17 3591.99
Total In USD 3591.99


Provider Description Gross Amount (CAD) Net Amount (CAD)
Paypal Recurrent donations (from 8 donors) 50.59 46.28
Patreon Pledges (from 120 patrons) 595.58 490.93
Total In USD 537.21


Dated: 2023-03-31

Total 2463.94 CAD** In USD
** Not final as some amount are not yet converted to CAD. The exchange rate might change.

Financial status

Estimated months fully financed at current costs: 4 (balance only), 214 (including pledges)